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Water conservation is an issue of concern for Governments people and businesses. As a consequence Governments are developing  and implementing frameworks to assist, promote and regulate water conservation.

During the last Four years we have been working in promoting an environmental friendly waterless cleaning technology considering that the average car wash uses 300+ litres of water and each car and with Brisbane 1.1 million of registered vehicles and 220 commercial car washes we can visualise their impact on water conservation

You would appreciate the significant water saving that EDGE Automotive Conservation customers are achieving by avoiding commercial and traditional ‘hose and bucket’ car washing.

The main features of our Waterless Conservation Technology are:

No water requirements in the cleaning process

Uses a crystallisation and dirt fragmentation process avoiding painting damage risks

Protect the car’s paint against pollution, UV rays and provides longer bright finishes

The system prevent the oxidation and early paint deteriorations

The process that we went through to guarantee that our product is sound with the current Environmental and Workplace Health & Safety legislation is supported by the laboratory analysis performed by the Australian Laboratory Services - ALS Environmental along with the product assessment performed by URS Australia Pty Ltd demonstrates the suitability of the product for cleaning and protecting vehicles.

The data also established that no component was detected in our product Eleva Neutro that would be considered an environmental or human health concern. Our product trials have satisfied local Automotive Dealerships and Paint Manufacturers that it is suitable for use with their products and superior to other methods of vehicle cleaning as you can appreciate from the attached information.

This waterless car cleaning and conservation system is available at the Mater Hospitals car parks and Brisbane City Council’s King George Square car par at car parks.

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